All products are designed to match up to one another, so that a smooth production process is guaranteed.

              “We see ourselves as part of our customer’s production chain”.

GMS-Technologies focuses on the needs of its customers.

             “We want to give all our customers maximum production reliability”.

GMS-Technologies customers appreciate that, as well as the price-performance ratio and in addition to high standards of product and production quality, we also aim to work as sustainable and ecologically as possible!

Metal Surface Treatment

  • Products for the Aluminium Anodizing Industry
  • Treatment of Aluminium prior to Powder Coating
  • Products for Brightening Processes
  • HDG (Hot Dip Galvanizing)
  • General Cleaning & Degreasing of Metals

Our customers are active for example in the construction industry, the automotive industry and other specialized application fields where-ever a high-quality result of the finished product is required.

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Cleaning & Sanitation

Where-ever Food is processed, a high level of hygiene is required. One of the most important tasks in the production and further processing of food is to keep the number of germs in the products as low as possible.

The targeted and carful use of highly effective cleaning and disinfection agents is essential to remove all kind of contaminations and to kill existing microorganism. Longer shelf-life and protection to consumers is a must.

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