GMS-Technologies Academy

With the help of local & international consultants and partners with academic or professional background we plan to build up the GMS-Academy.

We plan to support our partners, upgrade their skills, and prepare them for the requirements of our service-oriented time.

The GMS-Academy will offer informative training courses and events on all subject areas. We teach indispensable specialized knowledge, innovative approaches, and use of state-of-the-art concepts within the scope of our training courses offered.

In addition to our own products and application technologies, our training offerings also deal with basic subjects, such as annually recurring hazardous material training courses, to develop a sense of environmental protection and resource efficiency in addition to optimal results.

In the field of Metal Surface Treatment our aim is to up-grade and introduce new products, procedures, and processes.

In the field of Cleaning & Sanitation in the Food Processing Industry the handling of dangerous products (how to use and store), knowledge about the inspection protection law as well as training about essential hygiene rules for the employees are a major topic.